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September to June

MathCubed specializes in virtual 1-on-1 Math Tutoring + Study Skills Coaching for Ontario students in grades 7-12.  We have tutored 3,000+ Ottawa area math students over the past 25+ years.  We are passionate about teaching our students to understand math so it finally makes sense.


1-on-1 Tutoring

  • Tutor Qualifications:   We are Ontario-certified high school math teachers with an in-depth knowledge of the Ontario intermediate and high school math curriculum and many years of math tutoring experience.

  • Personalized Tutoring:  We personalize each session to focus on the unique learning needs and objectives of the student. 

  • Our Focus:  We focus on helping the student understand the math, not memorize it, and we always focus on the current math the student is learning at school.

  • ​Session Summaries:  At the end of each tutoring session, the student will receive an email copy of the white board notes made by the tutor and student during the session. As a result, the student will have a record of the math work covered in each session. 


  • Updates and Final Reports:   We provide regular Update reports with timely, constructive feedback throughout the term, as well as a Final report at the end of the course.

Learning & Study Skills Coaching – Learn Better. Do Better. 


When a student’s learning skills improve, they do better. That’s why we included learning and study skills coaching as an aspect of our tutoring sessions. For example, when a student spends a lot of time on homework but doesn't see an improvement in their marks because their learning skills are weak, that leads to frustration as well as a drop in self-confidence and motivation. We want to help our students become better learners so we coach them on:


  • How to be sure they understand a math concept (and aren't just memorizing it)

  • How to make sense of what is taught in their math class each day

  • How to do their homework effectively so it betters their understanding

  • How to check that their homework is correct

  • How to work through challenging math questions on their own

  • How to prepare for a test - when to start, what to focus on, how to prepare

  • How to write a test so the mark accurately reflects their understanding - how to use test time effectively, how to reduce careless errors, etc.​

We're happy to answer your questions. Give us a call!


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