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Our Understanding Math Assessment (UMA) is an opportunity to identify strengths and weak areas in your student’s math understanding and study skills. In other words we need to know what’s holding your student back in order to help them move forward. Is it gaps in their understanding of past math concepts, or how they learn math (e.g. by memorization versus understanding), weak study skills, or a combination of all of these? 


The online process for the Understanding Math Assessment is as follows:

1. Three Assessment documents are emailed to you and your student: 

• The Understanding Math Assessment Test (UMAT)

• Learning and Study Skills Questionnaire

• Parent Questionnaire 


2. Once all three have been completed, you return them to MathCubed to be marked and reviewed by Edison who will then email you the test Results and his Observations.

3. The final step is a Zoom call with you, your student, and Edison, to discuss the Results and Observations, and his recommended next steps.

The UMA Test 

The UMA Test consists primarily of basic math questions from past math concepts that your student needs to know for their next math course (i.e. a student in grade 10 would be given questions on math concepts from grade 9 and below, all of which are needed for the grade 10 math course). 

The purpose of the test is to identify the math concepts where your student has a weak foundation due to gaps in understanding. Once those gaps in understanding have been identified, we have a starting point. 

The Learning and Study Skills Questionnaire

This Questionnaire is an initial step toward identifying your student’s study skills strengths and weak areas, and how those strengths and weaknesses impact your student’s learning. For example, ineffective study skills often lead to frustration and discouragement when the amount of time a student invests in homework doesn’t result in improved marks.

We're happy to answer your questions. Give us a call!


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