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Our Priority

Whether your student’s starting mark is 30% or 85%, our priority is for your student to understandthe math they’re learning, not just memorize it. When math makes sense, it’s much easier to remember. In other words, the better your student learns the math, the better your student can do the math.

Who we are and what we do

MathCubed is a virtual 1-on-1 Math Tutoring and Study Skills Coaching service specializing in the Ontario math curriculum for grades 7-12. Over the past 25 years, we have focused exclusively on 1-on-1 tutoring because every student’s learning needs are unique.


Built primarily on word of mouth referrals from parents, students, math teachers, guidance counselors, and educational psychologists, we have tutored well over 3,000 Ottawa-area math students from Ashbury, Glebe, Nepean, Lisgar, Canterbury, and all other Ottawa-area high schools, both private and public.  

We are Ontario-certified high school math teachers with an in-depth knowledge of the Grade 7 to 12 curriculums. We understand why students struggle with math and we know what they have to do to improve.


Zoom tutoring sessions became part of our tutoring service in 2018, however, as of March 2020 we moved fully online. 

Edison Hopkinson, Director of Mathcubed

EDISON HOPKINSON, owner and director of MathCubed, completed both his in Mechanical Engineering degree, as well as his Bachelor of Education in Intermediate-Senior Math and Physics degree, at the University of Ottawa. 


Edison and his wife, Jennifer Irwin, opened MathCubed in 1992 to fill a need for an Ottawa-area tutoring service specializing in middle school and high school math exclusively. 

our mission

At MathCubed, our mission and passion is to increase the math understanding of our students so they are able to meet, or exceed, their math goals. 

As our students' math understanding improves, we believe their confidence grows and they develop an enthusiasm for the process of deductive thinking.


We are wholeheartedly committed to fostering self-confident and self-reliant math learners so they can independently pursue their future math studies with much success.

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