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Understanding Math Assessment purpose is to identify key strengths and weak areas with your student’s 1) math understanding and 2) learning skills.


I, Edison, do all Math Assessments and I need to first know what’s holding them back. Then I can create a plan to help them move forward.

  1. Is it gaps from past math concepts?

  2. Weakness in fundamentals being taught?

  3. Not understanding?

  4. Struggles with homework?

  5. Motivation

  6. Forgetting?

  7. Giving up?

  8. Tests: preparation, writing, blanking, slip-up errors, 


Understanding Math Assessment has three parts:

1. Three Understanding Tests: 1) Mastery of fundamentals, 2) Thinking, 3) How much remembered from last year's course.

2. Discussions with the student on math, learning, how they think when doing math and goals.

3. Conversation with the student and parent.

Take steps today to remember math!

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