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Review & Reach-Ahead



Grades 8-11

MathCubed has been offering the Review & Reach Ahead Programs for over 20 years.

Purpose of the Review Program is to review key math concepts needed for the next math course.

Purpose of the Reach Ahead Program is to do math that the student will see in their next math course.

1. Five REVIEW PROGRAMs to strengthen key concepts before the next math course.
  • Grade 8

  • Grade 9 

  • Grade 10 Quadratics

  • Grade 10 Trigonometry

  • Grade 11U 

2.  Four REACH-AHEAD PROGRAMs to do math you'll see in your next math course.

  • Grade 8 to 9

  • Grade 9 to 10

  • Grade 10 to 11U

  • Grade 11U to 12 Advanced Functions

Focus? To strengthen your student’s foundation and understanding, all with the intent that they are better prepared for their next math course.


When are Review Program and Reach Ahead Programs offered?

RVPs and RAPs are offered during the school year when a student is not taking a math course. Or as a three-week program in August. 

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