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Grades 8-12

All our Review Programs (RP) and Reach-Ahead Programs (RAP) are offered as 1-on-1 Zoom sessions, either during the school year or as a three-week program in August, to students who are not currently taking a math course.

MathCubed has been offering RPs as well as RAPs for 15 years. The focus of these programs is to strengthen your student’s math understanding. Why? Because when your student understands a math concept, they are far more likely to remember it. Conversely, when your student tries to memorize a math concept they don’t understand, they are far less likely to remember it. Understanding the math is the key to your student’s success!


Our Programs


We offer Five (5) RPs: 

  • Grade 8 Review

  • Grade 9 Review

  • Grade 10 Quadratics Review

  • Grade 10 Trig Review

  • Grade 11U Review

The RP objectives are:

  • Your student strengthens their understanding of the key math concepts required for their next course

  • Your student strengthens gaps and weaknesses in their past math knowledge 

  • Your student increases their math confidence 


Who should attend a RP?

All students can benefit from a Review Program but it’s especially helpful if your student has weak areas in past math, which need to be strengthened before they start their next math course.


A MathCubed virtual Math Understanding Assessment will identify the specific areas of math weakness that your student needs to focus on. 

We offer Four (4) RAPs: 

  • Grade 8 to 9 Reach Ahead

  • Grade 9 to 10 Reach Ahead

  • Grade 10 to 11U Reach Ahead

  • Grade 11U to 12 Advanced Functions.

The RAP objectives are:

  • Your student gets a jumpstart on some of the main math concepts covered in their next math course

  • Your student learns how the math from their next math course connects to, and builds on, math from their previous math courses

  • Your student’s math problem solving skills improve by learning to use what they already know from past math to make sense of new math concepts

Who should attend a RAP?
A Reach-Ahead Program is for your student if they have successfully completed the MathCubed Review Program for the previous grade level, or if they are a strong math student who excelled in their last math course at school.

How are Review Program and Reach Ahead Programs offered?

All RPs and RAPs are offered as one-on-one Zoom sessions, either during the school year or as a three-week program in August, to students who are not currently taking a math course.


During the school year your student attends a 75-minute Zoom session once a week. Homework is assigned to reinforce their learning. 


In August your student attends a 75-minute Zoom session daily Monday to Friday for three (3) weeks. Homework is assigned to reinforce their learning.

We're happy to answer your questions. Give us a call!


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