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Is homework over the Christmas break a good idea for my daughter?

I highly recommend math homework over the Christmas break. Look at it this way, the Christmas break is 17 days long and if your daughter does no math over that period of time, when she returns to school in January she could be very rusty in much of the math she learned from September to December. The problem with that is she will be writing her math exam approximately 3 weeks into January so rather than having a jump-start on her exam preparation from doing math review work over the Christmas break, she could instead be scrambling to remember and re-learn much of the math from September to December which is not a very good way to begin preparing for her exam.

At MathCubed every student is given homework to do over the break and that gives them an opportunity to refresh and reinforce the math, plus it helps them see clearly what they understand well, what they have retained, and what they need to work on. Our goal is to have our students start school in January with a solid understanding and recollection of what was taught since September.

Of course I know most students don’t love the thought of doing math homework over the Christmas break but after they try it and see the benefits, they will understand why it’s such a great opportunity to review in preparation for the exam. Furthermore, when the teacher begins the class review, which usually starts around the second week of January, the student will already have an excellent head start!

The Christmas break is a break, but it should not be a break from math.


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