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I got a test back and I think I deserve more marks. What should I do?

Before you speak with your teacher about your test mark, here are two thoughts to keep in mind:

1. Make sure you know why you deserve more marks, and,

2. Make sure you can defend your solutions

I say this because preparing in advance before you talk with your teacher increases the likelihood of getting those extra marks.

When you talk with your teacher, keep in mind that the odds are high that your teacher will initially refuse to give you more marks. If that's what happens, what will you do? You can either give up or defend your solutions.

Remember, if your teacher questions you on a certain aspect of a math question and you don’t know the answer or can’t defend your solution, you will not get more marks. The bottom line is you have to convince your teacher that you deserve those extra marks and the only way to do so is to strongly convey to the teacher that you knew what you were doing when you wrote that test.

Important to know: In the end, even if you don’t get the extra marks, meeting with your teacher will at least give you a better sense of what he or she is looking for when marking a test which will definitely help you write the next test better.

Always keep in mind that getting better at math is a journey, and mistakes are part of that journey, so be sure to learn from the mistakes you make.


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