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Is listening to music too distracting for my daughter when she does math homework?

With our MathCubed students, we recommend a student not use anything that distracts them from being able to focus on their homework for a continuous period of time, perhaps 30 minutes or so, and then they can take a short break.

Keep in mind that the primary aim of doing homework is to understand it, not just put in X amount of time doing it.

Music: Some students are able to listen to music without being distracted when they study, while others definitely can’t. If listening to music is not hindering your daughter’s ability to learn and understand the math, than go for it.

Looking at stuff on the Internet like YouTube/Instagram/Snapchat, watching shows on TV, scrolling through Facebook, texting/messaging, checking frequent notification, etc.: All of these are definitely a no-go. Nobody, neither a student nor an adult, can learn effectively while being interrupted and distracted every few minutes, over and over again; it’s impossible to focus. The phone and computer should be off, or elsewhere, when the student is studying, which I know is difficult given how addictive these devices are but it really can help.

Important to know: It’s better for a student to go hard and focus for 30 minutes, followed by a break for a few minutes, rather than being frequently interrupted when they are working. Students need to work hard to understand the math, then take a break.


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