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Is there a faster, or better, way to write tests because I usually run out of time?

Yes! I see this a lot and it can be frustrating especially if there are questions you know how to do but you run out of time to do them.

Here are the steps I recommend you take:

1. As soon as you are handed the test, read it, and either tick or highlight the questions you know how to do. Do those ticked or highlighted questions first and carefully (no slip-ups). After that, you can tackle the tougher questions on the test.

2. Do each question mentally (in your head) first. Why? Because you can think faster than you can write so thinking through the question first will save you valuable moments when you’re actually writing out the answer. Also, think about the steps you will follow and then write them down. You probably do this already but you want to make sure doing so is a habit before test time.

3. Finally, one of the best ways to get better at writing tests faster is to practice so when you are doing your homework, do some of the questions with a time limit so you get use to the pressure that accompanies test writing.

Important to know: The objective of a test is to show what you understand so focus on the questions you know how to do first and aim to do them perfectly. Always make sure you ace what you know!


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