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Here's what we do and what sets us apart.

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September to June

MathCubed specializes in ONLINE 1-on-1 Math Tutoring + Study Skills Coaching for Ontario students in grades 7-12.  We are passionate about teaching our students to understand math so it finally makes sense.

For over 25 years we happily tutored almost 3,000 students at our Ottawa tutoring centre with supplemental Zoom and pre-recorded lessons provided when students missed sessions. In March 2020 we pivoted to tutoring and teaching entirely online. 


  • We only tutor 1-on-1 (by Zoom) so the session is personalized to focus on the unique learning needs and objectives of each student. At the end of each session, the student will receive an email copy of the white board notes made by the tutor and student during the session.

  • We specialize in the Ontario math curriculum exclusively and we focus on understanding, not memorization

  • We focus on the current math the student is learning at school

  • We are Ontario-certified high school math teachers with an in-depth knowledge of the intermediate and high school math curriculum and many years of math tutoring experience


  • We provide detailed progress reports with timely, constructive feedback throughout the term, as well as a final report at the end of the term


  • Our students attend tutoring a minimum of once a week and always with the same tutor which provides continuity and reduces stress. ​​

Study Skills Coaching 


When a student spends a lot of time on homework but doesn't see an improvement in their marks because their study skills are ineffective, that leads to frustration, and a drop in self-confidence and motivation. We coach our students in study skills so they know how to get better results when they are doing math work on their own. They learn:


  • How to make sense of what is taught in math class each day

  • How to do their homework effectively so it betters their understanding

  • How to be sure they understand the math (and aren't just memorizing it)

  • How to check that their homework is correct

  • How to work through challenging math questions on their own

  • How to prepare for a test - when to start, what to focus on, how to prepare

  • How to write a test so the mark accurately reflects their understanding - how to use test time effectively, how to reduce careless errors, etc.

Math Homework


Getting started

MathCubed students have an initial online 85-minute math and study skills assessment before they start their tutoring sessions.


Why do we assess each student’s math and study skills? Because we can’t help a student move forward until we know what’s holding them back.


With the assessment, we can identify gaps in a student’s past math understanding. We can also identify ineffective study skills which often lead to frustration when the time invested in homework is not reflected in better marks.


The assessment report is emailed to the parents with a follow-up call from MathCubed’s director, Edison Hopkinson, to answer any questions and discuss next steps.

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Offered in August 2020 + during the school year. This is our 15th summer RRAP!

AUGUST RRAP - Grades 7-12

Start your next math course with increased confidence, an improved understanding of the math, and study skills that help you increase your grades by working smarter, not harder! 



  • Strengthen your past math weaknesses

  • Improve your math study skills

  • Give you a jump-start in your next math course by reaching ahead to cover some of the key topics 


What is the RRAP?

The program runs over the last three weeks in August. 


Each 1-on-1 tutoring Zoom session runs for 60 minutes and the student attends 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. They are assigned a minimum of 60 minutes of homework each day, plus they are given quizzes and a Final Test. At the end of the program, students receive a Final Report which gives them a final mark and feedback.


Who should attend the RRAP?

Any student who finished their last math course with a mark of 50 or higher can benefit from this program.


  • If you are a student with marks in the 50s or 60s, we will focus heavily on filling your past math gaps and teaching you study skills so you feel more confident and are much better prepared for your next math course. Depending on the student, we may be able to do some reach ahead as well.


  • If you are a student with marks in the 70s, we will focus equally on filling your past math gaps, teaching you study skills, and reaching ahead into your next math course so you can improve your grades by working smarter, not harder (with good study skills).


  • If you are a student with marks in the 80s or higher, we will focus somewhat on your math gaps and study skills but heavily on reaching ahead into your next math course so you are highly prepared for success in your upcoming course. 




  • We address your past math weaknesses until you understand each concept. 

  • We focus in particular on strengthening your understanding of the math concepts that are an essential component of your next math course.


Reach Ahead

  • We reach ahead into your upcoming math course focusing on some of the main concepts.  Students often enjoy this part of the program since they get exposure to the math they will be facing in their next math course.

DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR RRAP  (offered 1st & 2nd term)

Feel confident and ready for your next math course!

Our Review and Reach Ahead Program during the school year is for semestered students (Sept-Dec or Feb-June) who are not currently taking a math course.  


Students attend a 1-on-1 RRAP tutoring session once a week for 60 minutes until the end of the term.


Fill gaps in your past math knowledge, learn new study skills, and reach ahead in your upcoming math course at your own pace because you're not trying to keep up with any course material while you do so.

Students Taking Exams

VIRTUAL EXAM PREP CLASSES - Live (synchronous)

January & June

For more details including  sessions, dates & pricing, see our
Exam Prep flyer for January 2020 (pdf)

What are the Exam Prep Classes?


  • They are 35-minute LIVE ONLINE reviews on the fundamentals of key math topics.

  • This is our 12th year offering these Exam Prep Classes, and the first year offering them online.

  • They are offered to students in January (grades 9-11) and June (grades 7-11). 

Who should attend?
  • Students who are struggling with math

  • Students who want the math to make sense

Why take an Exam Prep Class?


  • Make sense of the fundamentals because that's the foundation for getting all tougher questions

  • Improve your understanding so you improve your retention

  • Get a good start studying for your math exam

  • All the concepts reviewed during each Exam Prep Classe will come up in next year’s math course

  • These Exam Prep Classes are done live online so you can attend from home

Who will teach the Exam Prep Classes?

Edison Hopkinson  Mech.Eng., B.Ed., OCT


We're happy to answer your questions. Give us a call!


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