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The student and parent testimonials we receive highlight why we do what we do!

Students speak   |   Parents speak

Our students speak…

From math fear to confidence

I just graduated university at the top of my class with straight As in all my courses, including an award for the highest grade in Revenue Management, and I wanted to thank you so much for the math learning habits you instilled in me when I was in high school. I was terrified of math before MathCubed. In those days, I was trying to memorize the math but I didn’t understand the concepts. You completely turned this around with your patience and commitment to my learning. As a result, my math fears completely dissolved which opened up a world of opportunity for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

Grasp math concepts = improve grades

My grades are double last year's! This tutoring allows me to grasp math concepts thoroughly. There is absolutely nothing I dislike about this tutoring!

Goal mark becomes achievable 

I like how the tutor is teaching me. I feel I'll reach my math goal because my test scores are higher, I'm more efficient in math, and I'm already doing very well.

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Our parents speak…

Great marks + improved self esteem

Our daughter's marks are great and her overall self esteem has really grown! She's now in grade 11 academic math and most of her marks are above 90% - she even got 100% on one exam! Thank you for the great work you guys did with her. Her couple of years at MathCubed really paid off.

Huge improvement

We just got our son's mark. He got 98% and the class average is 70.5%. That's a HUGE improvement over last year. Merci beaucoup!

Over the moon

Our daughter's final Calculus mark is 91%. Needless to say, she is over the moon and we are delighted for her. The confidence she attained in math has also helped her other subjects in which she has done equally well. Please accept my very sincere thanks for all the help and guidance you have given her throughout her senior high school years. All credit to you, Edison, for developing an excellent math tutoring program. 

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