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Students Taking Exams

VIRTUAL EXAM PREP CLASSES - Live (synchronous)

January & June

For more details including  sessions, dates & pricing, see our
Exam Prep flyer for January 2020 (pdf)


What are the Exam Prep Classes?


  • They are 35-minute LIVE ONLINE reviews on the fundamentals of key math topics.

  • This is our 12th year offering these Exam Prep Classes, and the first year offering them online.

  • They are offered to students in January (grades 9-11) and June (grades 7-11). 

Who should attend?
  • Students who are struggling with math

  • Students who want the math to make sense

Why take an Exam Prep Class?


  • Make sense of the fundamentals because that's the foundation for getting all tougher questions

  • Improve your understanding so you improve your retention

  • Get a good start studying for your math exam

  • All the concepts reviewed during each Exam Prep Classe will come up in next year’s math course

  • These Exam Prep Classes are done live online so you can attend from home

Who will teach the Exam Prep Classes?

Edison Hopkinson  Mech.Eng., B.Ed., OCT​

We're happy to answer your questions. Give us a call!


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